These are Userboxes that wikia users can add to their own Userpage to show what they like and enjoy! If you don't see the type of Userbox you want, then you can request it to be made here. If you still don't understand, then feel free to contact an admin on their message wall.

Jennifer Ellison

Code: Jennifer Ellison

My favorite dance teacher is
Jennifer Ellison!

Sam Dennis

Code: Sam Dennis

My favorite dancer is
Sam Dennis!

Aleah Simpson

Code: Aleah Simpson

My favorite dancer is
Aleah Simpson!

Tayluer Amos

Code: Tayluer Amos

My favorite dancer is
Tayluer Amos!

Eleiyah Navis

Code: Eleiyah Navis

My favorite dancer is
Eleiyah Navis!

Chloe Fenton

Code: Chloe Fenton

My favorite dancer is
Chloe Fenton!

Molly Thorpe-Franklin

Code: Molly Thorpe-Franklin

My favorite dancer is
Molly Thorpe-Franklin!

Chloe Greenwood

Code: Chloe Greenwood

My favorite dancer is
Chloe Greenwood!

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